NFL linemen say Nike’s tight uniforms make them feel fat

Nike’s new NFL uniforms boast of a “bodycontoured fit,” which is good for athletes whose bodies are match for contouring, but not so exciting for big guys within the trenches with sizable girth and prominent guts.

The Wall Street Journal talked to a few of the league’s bigger players about the tightfitting jerseys and discovered that they are about as well known as replacement refs and vegetables.

“I hate them,” 300pound Alex Boone with the San Francisco 49ers told the newspaper. “They are built for thin guys. It makes me look like I have large old like handles.”

He stated that when his wife saw him for the very first time in the new jersey, she said it looked like he ate a compact baby. And by “small baby” she need to have meant “oversized Thanksgiving turkey and three basketballs.”

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Alex Boone (75) throughout the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. (Photo: Jeff Hanisch, US PRESSWIRE )

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